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The Nonnekens research laboratory


Our mission is to enhance the understanding of the molecular and cellular impacts of radioactive anti-cancer agents, leveraging this knowledge to refine existing treatments and innovate new ones. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the improved care of patients with metastasized diseases. 

Our research is centered around three primary themes: 

  • Cellular effects of radionuclide in tumor cells: Investigating the impact of radionuclide therapy on tumor cells at the cellular level. 

  • Radiobiology and dosimetry of different radiation qualities: Studying the radiobiological aspects and dosimetry of various radiation qualities to gain insights into their effects. 

  • Radiosensitization for improved radionuclide therapy outcome: Exploring strategies to enhance radiosensitivity, with the aim of improving outcomes in radionuclide therapy. 

Our research spans multiple levels, encompassing studies conducted at the cellular and animal level, as well as utilizing computational models and patient-based research. This diverse approach enables us to seamlessly translate our discoveries from laboratory experimentation to real-world applications. 

The Erasmus MC

Situated within the Departments of Molecular Genetics and Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, our laboratory is strategically positioned at the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands. This institution facilitates high-level research, empowering us to conduct groundbreaking studies at the forefront of scientific innovation.  

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